The financing model of the electronic auction service will require the financial participation of these institutions in order to collaborate in the financing of the derived costs. In this sense, the Executive Committee of the AOC Consortium has approved the following public price (for electronic auction carried out taking into account a fixed amount plus a variable amount):

- Fixed amount: 83.00 euros

- Variable amount: 2% of the savings generated (Difference between the initial tender price and the final award price).

The variable amount covers advice, support, training and other tasks in the auction process, which vary depending on their complexity.

However, a maximum limit of 1,000.00 euros per auction is set for the variable amount concept, regardless of the amount of savings obtained.

All prices indicated are without VAT.

In any case, this service will not have any cost or economic repercussion on those bidding companies that participate in or are the winners of the auctions. This facilitates the achievement of the objectives of improving competition and optimizing the economic offers that the bidding companies present in the electronic auction process, thus improving the efficiency of the public services with which these processes are associated.